Tiger’s “softer” side

Fans, it was suggested that Tiger’s pictures needed to be softer to try to find him a home. So what’s softer than a big fluffy Great Pyrenees? Nothing. He’s adoptable, he loves all people, he weighs 45 pounds, he fetches balls, he snores when he sleeps and he has great manners. He needs to be … Read More

Meet Arrow

Every year for Lent, I give something up. Once it was chocolate, but that was too hard, so the next year I gave up being nice to annoying people which was much easier. It’s important to set realistic goals if you want to have a sense of accomplishment. Recently, I had an epiphany that perhaps … Read More

And now your late night post… Carolina

Tonight’s late night post is brought to you by unicorns, because I can’t believe this puppy is not adopted and if she’s not adoptable, I am totally taking up unicorn rescue and y’all are your own. New England people, seriously. This is Carolina, a basset mix puppy who is now 12 weeks old. She’s been … Read More

And now, a politically correct late night post …Tylo

And in honor of Tylo and in response to the outcry over our Communist remark earlier today, here is your politically correct late night post…. Once upon a time down on an old farm which was an autonomous collective of organic, non-corporate farmers, lived a dog family, and Mother Dog which is a completely respectful … Read More

Ophelia & Hamlet … the lost first draft

Shakespeare’s lost first draft of the scene between Ophelia and Hamlet where he denies ever having loved her. ACT III SCENE I. A room in the castle. Hamlet: I did love you once. Even though your ears are enormous. Ophelia: (Ears erect, eyes wide with surprse). Indeed, my lord, you made me believe so. And … Read More

Stray 400 pound Newfoundland

And now your late night post… Did you miss us? It was quiet around here this weekend, so let’s put an end to that. Say hello to our latest rescue, who we have yet to name, so feel free to list your suggestions. Troy found her roaming in a field, just eating berries. Poor fluffy … Read More

Late Night Post … Panther Fox & Lemur Fox

And now your late night post… Tonight fans we have a special episode of Science! with Jean. Fans, this afternoon we received a somewhat disgruntled message from a gentleman I will call “Lloyd”. Lloyd had a number of complaints, but the one of merit that warrants our discussion this evening is as follows: “also i … Read More

Late Night Post… Elsie

And now your late night post… Once upon a time there were three little pigs who lived in a trendy but gentrifying neighborhood which means house prices were skyrocketing and speculators were ripping up Victorian houses as fast as possible to resell them to middle-aged Gen Xers who wanted to live in a walkable neighborhood. … Read More

And now – your morning cuppa with drunk pregnant kittens

And now – your morning cuppa with drunk pregnant kittens brings you Sophie. *Fixes the morning restorative – to make me borderline acceptable* Good morning Sophie. Welcome. I have to admit, I knew very little about an Akbash. Turns out you’re descended from a long line of Turkish working livestock guardians. Your people are strong, … Read More

And now your late night post … Meet Whitley

And now your late night post… Fans, I am still not super chipper but I think 48 hours is enough time to be able to manage a late night post. Let us talk about Whitley. First off, to those who saw the name Whitley and immediately though of A Different World, you are showing your … Read More