Volunteers are what make this group so wonderful and successful.

We have volunteers all over the United States who do many things to help. We can always use help and the things we need help with are endless. We have discovered that people want to help us help the dogs and they have amazing skills and gifts we never dreamed we’d have. Below is a small sampling of some things we use volunteer help to accomplish:

  • Taking pictures of dogs in shelters and in foster homes
  • Administrative help reviewing applications
  • Performing vet checks
  • Grooming dogs
  • Newsletter help
  • Writing thank you notes
  • Legislative liaisons
  • Visiting and walking dogs in boarding and at the kennel
  • Fundraising/event coordination
  • Transport coordinators
  • Foster coordinators

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There is a long list of things we could use help with and feel free to add your own category if you don’t see what you would like to do to help.

Of course, we can always use foster help too. If you’re interested in fostering, click here.

Thanks for offering to help us! We have learned a lot of people want to help and have amazing skills and gifts we never dreamed to have. This form is a simple way to let us figure out how to harness all that talent. Please fill this out and tell us how you would like to help. We look forward to you working with us to save some big fluffy dogs and a few honorary ones, too.