If you have a dog you want BFDR to take and it originally came from Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, please email surrender@bigfluffydogs.com.  In the email, please provide as much detail as possible, including the name of the dog (and the name of the dog when you adopted it, if you changed it), the name of your coordinator if you know, your location and contact information, and a basic explanation of why you want to return the dog. You will need to fill out an intake form here.  Pictures of the dog will help tremendously.

If you have a dog you want us to take that is in a shelter or that is owned by you but did not come from us originally, please email intake@bigfluffydogs.com. If the dog is in a shelter, please check with the shelter to be sure the dog is actually in need before contacting us. Please provide as much detail about where the dog is, who the contact is, a brief description of the dog and any special issues it may have, along with any pictures you have.

Please note that we rarely accept stray dogs into our program and we do so in limited circumstances. The law does not recognize that rescues have the right to accept and re-home strays in many places where we operate, and only humane societies and government-run shelters have the legal authority to bestow ownership of a stray dog. BFDR is a non-profit shelter, but we are not chartered as a humane society. If you find a stray dog, please contact your local shelter or humane society. If you are in a location that does not have a shelter or humane society, or if you want us to consider taking the dog when the dog is released by the shelter or humane society, please send an email to intake@bigfluffydogs.com with a detailed description of where the dog is, where it was found, and who has the dog and their contact information.

We get upwards of a thousand requests a day for dogs in need of rescue. We are limited in our ability to rescue dogs and we do the very best we can to help, but it is never enough. Please understand that we cannot accept aggressive dogs into our program and we cannot accept dogs with a bite history.