These are the people, merchants and things we think are awesome and we can’t live without them. You should probably check them out and learn to love them too.

Awesome vets we love

Endorsed by big fluffies nationwide. We know them, we love them. You should too.

In Nashville, Tennessee:

Animal House Veterinary Clinic
Bellevue Animal Hospital
Pet Med Veterinary Hospital
Southside Animal Hospital
Canine Rehabilitation of Nashville

In Lebanon, Tennessee

Tennessee Veterinary Care

In Connecticut

Meriden Animal Hospital

In Massachusetts

VCA Wickaboag

In New Hampshire

Windham Animal Hospital

Home Insurance for People with dogs

We don’t endorse anyone specific, but click here for an article on who does and does not insure dogs.

Bringing your new dog home

What you need to prepare for or expect

Introducing dogs to cats

Introducing dogs to other dogs

Housebreaking and crate-training

Dogs and kids

Things you need to groom the big fluffy dogs (in no particular order)


Dog Food Ratings (know what you are feeding your new dog)

Behavior Links

Shy and fearful dogs

Aggressive/dominant behavior


Separation anxiety

Dog medical issues/diseases links

Allergies in dogs



Whipworms, Tapeworms, Roundworms, Hookworms


Dog medications

Breed specific information

Library of Information for Great Pyrenees

Newfoundland dog

Saint Bernard dogs

Giant dog miscellaneous merchandise

Giant dog dogdoors

Giant dog dogbeds

Giant dog crates

Random things worth knowing

Spay neuter issues

Benefits and risks of early gonadectomy in dogs

The Cost of Owning a Dog

Here’s what it costs to own a dog

Homeowner’s Insurance and dogs (note: we do not endorse any insurance carrier)

Insurance quotes on dogs and lists of who does not discriminate against breeds