Big Fluffy Dog Rescue can always use more foster homes. Foster homes are the single most important part of our rescue and are literally the difference between life and death for many of our dogs. If you have always wanted a big fluffy dog (or sometimes, a little or not so fluffy dog), but were not sure you could commit to a dog for the long term, fostering is a great way to enjoy a dog with only a short-term commitment. We have dogs in need of foster homes from puppies to seniors, small to big, and everything in between. We pay all approved medical expenses for our foster dogs. We ask only that our foster homes care for the dog and help us make the dog a well-adjusted family pet, as well as help us decide which adopter is the right one for their dog. Foster homes get first “dibs” on the dog if they fall in love. We value our foster homes highly and work with them regularly to ensure the dog is doing well.

How fostering works:

  • Each foster has an assigned foster coordinator. That person is your lifeline and will be there if you need help. We also have a closed group where you can reach out any time of the day for help.
  • We provide as much information about the dog needing foster help as we can. We do not always know what to expect when the dog is coming straight from a shelter and we rely on information from the shelter.
  • We pay for all approved vet care for the dog, and in most cases, the dog will have been vetted before the dog comes to your home.
  • We value what you have to say about the dog. We want you to let us know what kind of home you think the dog needs.
  • Depending on your location, you may meet a transport or a driver to get your dog or we may send you to meet someone.
  • An adoption coordinator is assigned to each dog and they will work to find the dog the right home. You may be asked to talk to potential adopters.
  • We rarely do adoption events where you would have to bring your dog. If we do one, you will be contacted well in advance to discuss your availability.

This is a low-stress, no drama kind of rescue. We value your down time like we value ours. If there’s a problem, we want to know and we are here to help you and the dog. You are as much a part of rescuing this dog as we are, and really, even more so. You are taking the dog and making them a wonderful family pet. The work you do is the single most important thing we do in rescue and we honor and respect our amazing fosters. Without them, we’re nothing.

Potential fosters need to complete the foster application and once approved, the foster contract. Links to both forms are below.

Want to foster a dog? Click here for the foster application.

All ready to commit to fostering? Click here to sign the foster contract.