Kringle is not stressed

This is Kringle, a 4 year old, 80 pound Great Pyrenees. He is part Eeyore and he is all that is slow and plodding. Kringle has zero *ucks to give. He is unconcerned with anything and everything and he is the master of zen chill. Lebowski was high strung by comparison. Kringle is good with … Read More

Puppy Bowl XIV here we come!!

IT’S PUPPY POWER!  Big Fluffy Dog Rescue WILL BE REPRESENTED IN ANIMAL PLANET’S PUPPY BOWL XIV AIRING SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 4TH 90 Adoptable Puppies Compete for Most Valuable Puppy (MVP) Title (January 4, 2018) – Big Fluffy Dog Rescue is pawsitively thrilled to announce we have a puppy player inthis year’s PUPPY BOWL XIV. The cutest … Read More


WARNING: GRAPHIC MEDICAL PHOTOS. DO NOT SCAN BELOW THIS PAGE IF YOU CAN’T HANDLE MEDICAL PHOTOS. This was not the way to start out this day. We got a call begging for help for a dog with a severely prolapsed uterus. We see this a couple of times a year and it looks gross, but … Read More

Wishlist for Harvey relief work

Many of you have asked what we can use to help with the dogs we are going to get. Here’s our wishlist 1. Tide HE laundry soap 2. Bleach 3. Martingale collars in all sizes. 4. Hospital Bed Pads 5. Medicated dog shampoo 6. Fromm’s Adult Dog Food 7. Canned puppy food 8. Simple Green … Read More

Heron is on the mend

Just an update for you all, but Heron the Great Pyrenees is on the mend. Heron does not seem to realize she nearly died. This dog was found dumped on the side of the road, having seizures from the fever caused by septicemia from infected skin loaded with maggots. She lost most of the skin on … Read More

Heather and the heeler puppies

Some of you may remember Heather, the pregnant dog we rescued the other day. Things did not go well, and she ended up with an emergency c-section. Sadly, after 24 hours, all the puppies died. Heather was despondent. We tried giving her stuffed animals, but that did not make her happier. So we found her … Read More

Jane needs emergency help (GRAPHIC PHOTOS AT THE BOTTOM OF POST)

UPDATE:  Jane came through surgery, she is up and around and this is the most amazing piece of vet work I’ve seen in a long time. Props to Dr. Sarratt at Wolfchase Animal Hospital. All things come in threes, and this is disaster number three. We have a horrific situation here and we need your … Read More

Release The Kraken

Call to the Kraken. You are officially permitted to unleash. This is Gigi. This dog was rescued a week ago today after having suffered unimaginable pain from an enormous tumor on her foot which had been there for a very long time. She was sick, in pain and frankly miserable from her condition when she … Read More