Heather and the heeler puppies

Some of you may remember Heather, the pregnant dog we rescued the other day. Things did not go well, and she ended up with an emergency c-section. Sadly, after 24 hours, all the puppies died. Heather was despondent. We tried giving her stuffed animals, but that did not make her happier. So we found her … Read More

Jane needs emergency help (GRAPHIC PHOTOS AT THE BOTTOM OF POST)

UPDATE:  Jane came through surgery, she is up and around and this is the most amazing piece of vet work I’ve seen in a long time. Props to Dr. Sarratt at Wolfchase Animal Hospital. All things come in threes, and this is disaster number three. We have a horrific situation here and we need your … Read More

Release The Kraken

Call to the Kraken. You are officially permitted to unleash. This is Gigi. This dog was rescued a week ago today after having suffered unimaginable pain from an enormous tumor on her foot which had been there for a very long time. She was sick, in pain and frankly miserable from her condition when she … Read More

Calling ALL Fosters!

Tennessee’s nickname is Volunteer State. The more and more I get to know the state and the wonderful folks that live in it, I realize how fitting that nickname is! #Truth Check out these fluff balls that need a Tennessee foster home. If puppies aren’t your thing, we have a foster dog for every home. … Read More

Transportation troubles strike Again….

We NEED your help! Our vans are the backbone of our rescue. They travel week in and week out rescuing dogs throughout the country. They have safely delivered thousand of rescued dogs to their foster or forever homes. When one goes down, it puts a real strain on our capabilities. Our Ford Transit has been … Read More

Calling all open foster homes in the Northeast…..

Good morning friends. It’s never a good thing when I can’t think of anything funny to say at 6:15 in the morning….. It’s going to be a long day..Then again… Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day, and everything will be a joke so I guess a little downtime is well deserved. You have all witnessed the … Read More

Wyatt Earp…. Mr. Personality

And now your late night post… Wyatt wants you to know you look fine and don’t need to work out. He also wants you to know you work too much and should stop. He also thinks you should stop reading because it’s bad for your eyes. You’re already wearing reading glasses. What you really need … Read More

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue Transport, 3/17/2017

Hey fans Pu down your brackets and NCAA picks for a few minutes and feast your eyes upon this week’s adoptable dogs.  These dogs are available from KY, OH, PA, VA, WV, MD, NJ, NY, CT and any and all points in between.  Click on the link below and pick out a dog to take … Read More

Big Fluffy Spirit Animals

Hey everyone. We are going to be in big trouble so promise not to tell on us. Today we all got together and “borrowed” Jan’s computer. We were surfing the internet and we came across a page called “what’s your spirit animal? We couldn’t help ourselves so we all picked a spirit animal of our … Read More