Morning cuppa with Dobby

*Inhales deeply on the life giving cuppa* Wednesday. Everyone hates Monday, I dislike Wednesday. The beginning is still in sight, and the end isn’t any nearer either. *Hears the drunk, pregnant kittens come staggering in and watches them slide through with their sunglasses on. Sips on the cuppa* Yes. It is fun being all judgey … Read More

Late night post … Galen

And now your late night post… Let us discuss the nuance of language and unfortunate misunderstandings. This is Galen. Galen’s name was changed from Giglio to Galen because BFDR staff thought his name was Gigolo. Of the many useless talents I hold*, one of the lesser known ones is that I have a degree in … Read More

Science! with Jean

And now an episode of Science! with Jean that addresses a serious health issue for dogs and people, so read the whole thing please and then spread the word… This is Bristol, who is currently looking for her home. I will get into her details for those interested shortly. Aside from being pretty and perfect, … Read More

Marigold the boxer

I was going to write a late night post, but then this happened. This dog was apparently left laying on the side of the road for 2 days before a Good Samaritan stopped to pick her up. While I am disgusted with the people that passed her by, I am more appalled by her condition. … Read More

Meet Roo – Watch her recovery story!

Roo was rescued in September by Big Fluffy Dog Rescue. Her two front legs had horrific wounds cut to the bone; we believe she was caught in a snare trap, unfortunately very common in rural Missouri. They were infected and she was in a lot of pain. The amazing vets at Animal House Veterinary Clinic … Read More

Jack and Jill … round 4

And now your late night post… Fans, let us discuss naming dogs. This is Jack and Jill. This is the fourth Jack and Jill pair to come in to rescue this year. Chances are, if you have a pair of dogs, you have considered or someone will suggest the following names Jack and Jill Bonnie … Read More

Your morning cuppa with…Cheeto

*Scans the folder and smiles big then weeps piteously* Puppies! It’s not Friday yet! How did I get a Thursday puppy? Come on! Even if he is named after my favorite cheese, dirty-little-secret, snack. *Drinks deeply of the cuppa and inhales deeply* Cheeto. Cheeto! Come here boy. Come on. Bring it Cheeto. “Bring it? What … Read More

Late Night Post … Simpson

And now your late night post… I have a sister. My sister is artistically inclined, she was model pretty in her day and she had zero interest in academic achievement. I, on the other other hand, cannot draw a straight line with a ruler, I was clearly the sparrow in a family of birds of … Read More

Because of a big fluffy foster … Jasper Jameson

It’s time once again for our Throwback Thursday edition of our Because Of A Big Fluffy Foster series. This week’s post was a little hard to write. This is Jasper Jameson, or JJ as he is lovingly referred to now. This dog has quite the story, so I will try to be brief in its … Read More

Late Night Post … Colin

And now your late night post… In keeping with the theme of public shame, tonight’s post is about dog pee. I am fostering Colin, who is rapidly becoming one of my favorites. Colin is a 4 year old basset sheltie collie something who came out of a hoarding case with six other dogs. Colin was … Read More

Really? with Jean Harrison

And now, tonight’s late night post is an episode of Really? with Jean Harrison. Fans, when we say we have walrus puppies, we aren’t serious. Really. And when we say we have coyotes or wolves or dingos we’re totally not serious. Really. We don’t rescue wildlife and when we say we have a dingo mix … Read More

The perfect Great Pyrenees … the Chia Pyr

Fans, we all know there are people out there who need the perfect pet. Who doesn’t want a perfectly house-trained, fuzzy, completely quiet and always perfectly-behaved puppy in the house? Sadly, we here at BFDR just don’t seem to have Great Pyrenees puppies that are perfectly-behaved, housebroken, non-shedding and non-barking. Faced with the incredible pressure … Read More