Morning cuppa with Dobby

*Inhales deeply on the life giving cuppa* Wednesday. Everyone hates Monday, I dislike Wednesday. The beginning is still in sight, and the end isn’t any nearer either. *Hears the drunk, pregnant kittens come staggering in and watches them slide through with their sunglasses on. Sips on the cuppa* Yes. It is fun being all judgey up here. Hey! I may be from America, but I know that’s not “peace-out” you’re conveying. Don’t forget who buys your food and keeps the litter fresh. There is just so much wrong with this train of thought. *Glances over the folder* Okay. Karma get polished.
“Howdy! Howdy! Howdy! Silas is here. Hope it’s okay to let myself inside. The kittens told me outside to come on in and make myself at home. They seemed nice. I liked kittens. Why are they wearing sunglasses? It’s still dark outside.”
Oh baby, there is just too many wrong things to explain about those kittens. I’m glad they were nice to you. I’m guessing you were nice to them too. Hey. You look familiar! Any chance you’ve got a brother?
*Sighs* “Lady, I’m a puppy. Of course I have brothers. What gave it away? The ears? The ears told on me?”
A little bit. It’s hard not to get your “Awww” factor all riled up when you’re around puppies. I believe you have been endearingly referred to as a fruit bat. I still vote for *Dobby, but what do I know?
“Tell me more about this Dobby. Who is he? What does he do? Is he good?”
Oh Dobby is very good. He’s a house elf who helps Harry Potter. He’s got ears sorta like yours. He’s a hero too. He needs a pair of socks given to him to win his freedom. He can’t steal them.
“Oh! I love socks! They are so much fun! And the used ones are the best! They smell like my Foster Family! It doesn’t make them happy though when I play with socks.”
Could it be that you put holes in socks when you play with them and that upsets them?
“Well. Maybe, but I’m a puppy.”
Yep, and the puppy kneecap rule applies. We get that. I know Foster Mama gets it too. Having had puppies in the house though, it seems like you puppies have a special knack for finding the one thing you shouldn’t. You work for hours making your house puppy proof and think it’s all picked up and all of a sudden, you’re standing at your door signing for a package and the UPS man is smiling away. You think he’s happy until you turn back inside and there’s the Foster Puppy wearing your favorite black bra on his head like a scarf.**
“Like I said, helping. It’s what we do. So my stats, because I know you’re going to ask me. I’m a terrier mix. I won’t probably be bigger than 40 pounds and I’m 3 ½ months old. I’m good with all. I do need to go to a home that’s willing to continue helping me learn to be a great big dog. You know, one you’d be proud to take to the dog park, or the ice cream shop, or the coffee shop, or the pet store, or…”
I get it. You want a home where you can hang with your peeps. Walking, hiking, running, traveling. We name it, you’re game for it.
“Yes ma’am. Sign me up. Find me a forever home that needs a Dib, Dab, er…what’d you call it?”
Dobby, the house elf?
“That’s it! Dobby. Someone needs to give me socks to get free to go to my family. I’m not allowed to steal them. I can find them on the floor for you!”
*laughing* Oh Silas, you are something else! I truly hope you find a forever family that appreciates your sense of adventure. I know Emma will make sure that happens.
“Emma is my wing woman! I know who Emma is!”
*laughing* You would be correct. So if you’re missing a house elf, please e-mail Emma at: She can hook you up! Now let’s go see if we can find any books of magic in the rock wall!
“I’m already gone! That sounds fun!”