Jack and Jill … round 4

And now your late night post…

Fans, let us discuss naming dogs. This is Jack and Jill. This is the fourth Jack and Jill pair to come in to rescue this year. Chances are, if you have a pair of dogs, you have considered or someone will suggest the following names

Jack and Jill
Bonnie and Clyde
Romeo and Juliet
Edward and Bella

I ask you to reconsider. Classic pairs of famous people are not meant to serve as dog names*. They’ve been done to death. Your vet will thank you.

Also, consider what it sounds like when you yell the name. Stella is only funny once as is Edith. Worse, consider what happens when you have to put up a lost dog poster. The following is a true story: A local shelter had a Saint Bernard named Virtue that was stolen. The post about “Missing: Virtue” was unintentionally hilarious. Lost Faith and Hope was also relatively amusing.

That ends the PSA portion of this post.

Despite the unoriginal names, these are two very nice, and very bonded Great Pyrenees. They are 3 years old and they are in rescue because their owner could no longer care for them. They are very nice dogs, and Jack is a large boy at 120 pounds (Jill is a svelte 80). They are typical Great Pyrenees dogs and the usual Pyr rules apply: fences required, no electric fences will be considered.

They are adoptable anywhere we go and if you are interested in fostering or adopting this pair, please email erin@bigfluffydogs.com.

*Unless it’s Bartles and James, then I would totally consider that pair name.