Kringle is not stressed

This is Kringle, a 4 year old, 80 pound Great Pyrenees. He is part Eeyore and he is all that is slow and plodding. Kringle has zero *ucks to give. He is unconcerned with anything and everything and he is the master of zen chill. Lebowski was high strung by comparison. Kringle is good with … Read More

Release The Kraken

Call to the Kraken. You are officially permitted to unleash. This is Gigi. This dog was rescued a week ago today after having suffered unimaginable pain from an enormous tumor on her foot which had been there for a very long time. She was sick, in pain and frankly miserable from her condition when she … Read More

Wyatt Earp…. Mr. Personality

And now your late night post… Wyatt wants you to know you look fine and don’t need to work out. He also wants you to know you work too much and should stop. He also thinks you should stop reading because it’s bad for your eyes. You’re already wearing reading glasses. What you really need … Read More

Late Night Post … Meet Ryker

And now your late night post…. With your feet in the air and your head on the ground* Try this trick and spin it, yeah Your head will collapse But there’s nothing in it And you’ll ask yourself Where is my home Where is my home Where is my hme Way out in Colorado? See … Read More

Late night post … Galen

And now your late night post… Let us discuss the nuance of language and unfortunate misunderstandings. This is Galen. Galen’s name was changed from Giglio to Galen because BFDR staff thought his name was Gigolo. Of the many useless talents I hold*, one of the lesser known ones is that I have a degree in … Read More

Science! with Jean

And now an episode of Science! with Jean that addresses a serious health issue for dogs and people, so read the whole thing please and then spread the word… This is Bristol, who is currently looking for her home. I will get into her details for those interested shortly. Aside from being pretty and perfect, … Read More

Marigold the boxer

I was going to write a late night post, but then this happened. This dog was apparently left laying on the side of the road for 2 days before a Good Samaritan stopped to pick her up. While I am disgusted with the people that passed her by, I am more appalled by her condition. … Read More

Jack and Jill … round 4

And now your late night post… Fans, let us discuss naming dogs. This is Jack and Jill. This is the fourth Jack and Jill pair to come in to rescue this year. Chances are, if you have a pair of dogs, you have considered or someone will suggest the following names Jack and Jill Bonnie … Read More

Late Night Post … Simpson

And now your late night post… I have a sister. My sister is artistically inclined, she was model pretty in her day and she had zero interest in academic achievement. I, on the other other hand, cannot draw a straight line with a ruler, I was clearly the sparrow in a family of birds of … Read More

Late Night Post … Colin

And now your late night post… In keeping with the theme of public shame, tonight’s post is about dog pee. I am fostering Colin, who is rapidly becoming one of my favorites. Colin is a 4 year old basset sheltie collie something who came out of a hoarding case with six other dogs. Colin was … Read More

Late Night Post … Panther Fox & Lemur Fox

And now your late night post… Tonight fans we have a special episode of Science! with Jean. Fans, this afternoon we received a somewhat disgruntled message from a gentleman I will call “Lloyd”. Lloyd had a number of complaints, but the one of merit that warrants our discussion this evening is as follows: “also i … Read More

Late Night Post… Elsie

And now your late night post… Once upon a time there were three little pigs who lived in a trendy but gentrifying neighborhood which means house prices were skyrocketing and speculators were ripping up Victorian houses as fast as possible to resell them to middle-aged Gen Xers who wanted to live in a walkable neighborhood. … Read More