Late Night Post … Simpson

And now your late night post…

I have a sister. My sister is artistically inclined, she was model pretty in her day and she had zero interest in academic achievement. I, on the other other hand, cannot draw a straight line with a ruler, I was clearly the sparrow in a family of birds of paradise and I was the golden child for all things academic. It was unfair to compare us because each of us has our skill sets, and both of us secretly felt we failed to measure up to the other sibling as the result of the unrealistic expectations of people. I never understood why anyone expects siblings to be Stepford children and I am equally amazed that people do not realize each dog in a litter is going to be different from the other, even though they are the same breed. Dogs have personalities too.

This is Simpson, a 2 year old lab Great Pyrenees mix. Simpson is the brother of Nathan. Nathan was a gregarious, outgoing sort who would be class president if that was a dog option. Simpson is the quiet brother who shrinks in the limelight. He is on the timid side and just wants a quiet home. He is the dog nerd of this family, but he is lovely and sweet just the same.

Simpson has been passed over for his more outgoing brother many times. However, he has his own charms which are not easily dismissed. He is loyal, quiet, watchful and sweet with those he knows and loves. He is gentle and would not hurt a flea. In short, he is the nice guy who is being overlooked because he isn’t as flashy.

Someone out there wants Simpson as their very own dog. He is adoptable in the TN to the midwest area. Interested adopters or fosters should email and tell her you want this boy. He’s worth it.