Wyatt Earp…. Mr. Personality

And now your late night post…

Wyatt wants you to know you look fine and don’t need to work out. He also wants you to know you work too much and should stop. He also thinks you should stop reading because it’s bad for your eyes. You’re already wearing reading glasses.

What you really need to do is take him out to play ball. Like, now.

This message was brought to you by the puppy Wyatt, who is one year old and a touch on the active side. He is adoptable and would like to be adopted in a home with people who throw balls,exercise, wear glassses, and have other dogs to play with. Wyatt needs a kitty free home.   Email kelley.likes@bigfluffydogs.com to adopt this great dog.  Click on the link below and try not to smile..  Bet you can’t do it!!

Wyatt Earp in action