Welcome to our new website!

Hello to all of our amazing followers! And welcome to our brand new website. This website has been in the works for more than a year now and it is a product of love from volunteers, fosters and coordinators. We wanted to have a beautiful new online home to showcase all of our big (and sometimes small) … Read More

Late Night Post … Meet Ryker

And now your late night post…. With your feet in the air and your head on the ground* Try this trick and spin it, yeah Your head will collapse But there’s nothing in it And you’ll ask yourself Where is my home Where is my home Where is my hme Way out in Colorado? See … Read More

Seneca’s Story

Fans, we need your help to save this dog’s life. This is Seneca. This week, I got contacted by a young fan of ours in South Carolina about a boxer that had been hit by a car. This dog’s injuries are severe. The person who hit her drove off and left her, but our young … Read More

Limited Edition BFDR Swag

Ok kids. This is EXCITING! For ONLY 2 weeks, we are offering a super LIMITED EDITION tee and sweatshirt. Time to rock some new BFDR swag, make new friends, start conversations and just look super fly! All proceeds go to Fluffy’s in need. Get yours TODAY! https://www.booster.com/bfdfundraisers Tees offered in unisex and women’s in a … Read More

Kennel Wishlist

Hey y’all! We get requests all the time asking what items we are need of to care for and keep a sanitary environment for our fluffies at the kennel. We have updated our kennel needs list with items we are dangerously low on. Anything you send will help immensely! It’s super easy!  Click here to … Read More

Dianthe’s Cuppa Interview

Whoo doggie…. when will this week end? *Eyes the drunk, pregnant kittens dragging tail* Kittens, y’all having a Monday kinda Wednesday too? (various tones of angry mewling are heard) Don’t blame me! *Looks at today’s folder and grins* Y’all better haul hiney upstairs! Today’s guest is…wait for it! Wait for it…A PUPPY! *Watches the kittens … Read More

Happily Ever After

Here is your Friday “Awww” Moment! This is a tale of a girl and her rescue dog. Mellie is the boy that stole hearts and gave us a run for our money, quite literally. So here’s Tiffany and Mellie’s story! My greatest love story ? This month marks two years since my beautiful boy made … Read More

World Pangolin Day

OK fans, by now you know that I have a care for all the animals of the world and I have something I want you to do for me. Today is World Pangolin Day. Chances are that you have never heard of a pangolin which is a small mammal closely related to anteaters. Pangolins are … Read More

Spring Auction Items Needed

We are now officially on the lookout for items for our semi-annual online silent auction. Would you like to co ntribute an item in this year’s first auction? % of the proceeds go to helping Big Fluffy’s in need! All donations are tax-deductible. Will need to receive items no later then March 25th, so it … Read More

Alabama Pyr’s Need Your Help

Words fail me today. You could be forgiven for not realizing these are dogs. We got the call from a lady we have worked with before that there were six dogs living on a remote rural property and that they would be shot if they were not removed. We went to get the dogs. What … Read More

Update: Barton Fink, the Saint Bernard

And now your update. I am officially pissed. Barton Fink (I had naming block) is a 2 year old Saint Bernard who we pulled out of a shelter today with the help of some awesome local folks. His picture broke my heart. Now here’s the rest of it. Barton is absolutely emaciated. He has pneumonia … Read More