Update: Barton Fink, the Saint Bernard

barton-fink-2And now your update.

I am officially pissed. Barton Fink (I had naming block) is a 2 year old Saint Bernard who we pulled out of a shelter today with the help of some awesome local folks. His picture broke my heart. Now here’s the rest of it.

Barton is absolutely emaciated. He has pneumonia and he has a hematocrit of 12. This dog basically has no blood and needs a transfusion from being sick from giardia and a severe infestation of hookworms.

When I called, the shelter said they had contacted the owner but he hadn’t come. I think a better question might be why was the owner not arrested for animal cruelty? This kids is not acceptable. I will be following up.

He is hospitalized and the vet is doing an awesome job. If you would like to donate to help Barton, you can donate HERE.