Heather and the heeler puppies

Some of you may remember Heather, the pregnant dog we rescued the other day. Things did not go well, and she ended up with an emergency c-section. Sadly, after 24 hours, all the puppies died. Heather was despondent. We tried giving her stuffed animals, but that did not make her happier. So we found her … Read More

Transportation troubles strike Again….

We NEED your help! Our vans are the backbone of our rescue. They travel week in and week out rescuing dogs throughout the country. They have safely delivered thousand of rescued dogs to their foster or forever homes. When one goes down, it puts a real strain on our capabilities. Our Ford Transit has been … Read More

Because you care: Big Fluffy Nashville Kennel needs

Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to work we go! The kennel staff are busy little beavers cleaning, playing, evaluating and caring for the dogs in our kennel. They do a really nice job at keeping a safe and sanitary environment and happy pups to boot. With a kennel as large as we have, you … Read More

Welcome to our new website!

Hello to all of our amazing followers! And welcome to our brand new website. This website has been in the works for more than a year now and it is a product of love from volunteers, fosters and coordinators. We wanted to have a beautiful new online home to showcase all of our big (and sometimes small) … Read More

Seneca’s Story

Fans, we need your help to save this dog’s life. This is Seneca. This week, I got contacted by a young fan of ours in South Carolina about a boxer that had been hit by a car. This dog’s injuries are severe. The person who hit her drove off and left her, but our young … Read More

Kennel Wishlist

Hey y’all! We get requests all the time asking what items we are need of to care for and keep a sanitary environment for our fluffies at the kennel. We have updated our kennel needs list with items we are dangerously low on. Anything you send will help immensely! It’s super easy!  Click here to … Read More

Update: Barton Fink, the Saint Bernard

And now your update. I am officially pissed. Barton Fink (I had naming block) is a 2 year old Saint Bernard who we pulled out of a shelter today with the help of some awesome local folks. His picture broke my heart. Now here’s the rest of it. Barton is absolutely emaciated. He has pneumonia … Read More