Because you care: Big Fluffy Nashville Kennel needs

Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to work we go!

The kennel staff are busy little beavers cleaning, playing, evaluating and caring for the dogs in our kennel. They do a really nice job at keeping a safe and sanitary environment and happy pups to boot.

With a kennel as large as we have, you probably can imagine the amount of cleaning supplies we go through. Our kennel staff have come up with a list of items we are dangerously low on. We have updated our Amazon wishlist with many things needed.

If you would like to help with “stuff” it’s super easy, just click this link: Big Fluffy Amazon Wish List¬†choose which item(s) you would like to send, and add to your cart. Our kennel address is built right in for ease of use.

Save those receipts all donations are tax-deductible.

Thank you for anything you can send. The staff and the pups will be eternally grateful for the help!