Double your Donation…Will Tiny Tim meet his goal?

Double your donation and help dogs in need.
Will you double your donation TODAY?

Tiny Tim is on a mission. He wants to help as many fellow Big Fluffy’s as he can. This peaunut may be just a baby, but he is one smart cookie!  He found 4 generous donors that are willing to help him on his mission. These donors will match up to $15,250, that’s right, they will double your donation now through 2/25 up to $15,250. Wow!

We have an incredible amount of dogs in need right now. Multiple car accidents, the 6 dogs from AL that are covered in mange, scabies and have a whole laundry list of health problems. We have heartworms coming out our ears, and multiple gunshot pups in our care. This year is proving to be really tough. The cases keep coming, each case worse then the next. All these babies deserve a chance at life. They deserve families that will love and cherish them for the rest of their days. They deserve pets, and cookies, car rides and belly rubs, family trips and basking in the sun. We say yes to saving these pups so they will have a chance, it doesn’t matter what is medically wrong with them, we will fix them and give them the life they were meant for.

This is an incredible opportunity for our dogs. It will help them recover and become healthy and happy pups that will make their journey to their forever lives.

Wish you could do more? Now’s the time where you can!  Make your money go further.  Tiny Tim’s generous donors will match dollar for dollar your dontation until we reach $15,250. That’s right, for every $5, $10 is given. Every $50, $100 is given and so on.

Will you double your money TODAY?

It’s super easy, just text DoubleDog to 41444 or Donate Here

If you would like to watch the progress, we have set up a handy dandy theremometer that can be viewed Here

Thank you for all your support,

<3 Tiny Tim and his donor friends.