Seneca’s Story

Fans, we need your help to save this dog’s life. This is Seneca. This week, I got contacted by a young fan of ours in South Carolina about a boxer that had been hit by a car. This dog’s injuries are severe. The person who hit her drove off and left her, but our young fan’s boyfriend and others stopped to help.

A very nice vet did what they could to stabilize Seneca but this dog needed more care than they could provide. The x-rays showed some possible spinal damage in addition to a broken pelvis and broken legs. On consult with a specialist, the spinal issue appears to be old damage, but this dog needs serious surgery to

Seneca is out of surgery and in a cast that will keep her bones safe while she walks and moves about during the healing process.

save her life. Moving her in this condition requires ingenuity and a fair bit of courage, but we came up with a plan.

This morning, our driver left at the crack of dawn to make the six hour drive one way to get her. Given her injuries, we have rigged a sort of spinal board with plywood, memory foam and bungee cords to keep her as still as possible to get back to us in Nashville. She was sedated and we took a couple of quick pics before wrapping her for her journey. She is on her way to us now.

Despite her injuries, this dog is a sweet, lovely dog who has not so much offered a curled lip when moved despite her pain. We think we can give her her life back, but we need your help to do it. We expect this to cost around $5000 to $6000 without the cost of physical therapy added to it, and it’s not in the budget. However, when a group of college students drain their limited accounts to save a dog they don’t know, we’re not going to say no.

If you would like to donate, you can do so Here.  Say a prayer and spread the word.

I will post some updates, and hopefully some video later this afternoon.

PS The owner was found, but the owner could not afford to care for the dog and surrendered her to the vet who surrendered her to us.