Happily Ever After

Here is your Friday “Awww” Moment!
This is a tale of a girl and her rescue dog. Mellie is the boy that stole hearts and gave us a run for our money, quite literally. So here’s Tiffany and Mellie’s story!
My greatest love story ?
This month marks two years since my beautiful boy made his way back home and into my arms. Most of you know his story… I had set out with Big Fluffy Dog Rescue to clear a shelter of abused dogs in Arkansas. One

by one we loaded 30+ scared, injured, and malnourished dogs onto our van.
When I approached Melvin’s cage, a prisoner in a bright orange jumpsuit was attempting to “wrangle”/”lasso” him. All 20 pounds of this skinny brown dog was fighting back, showing every tooth in his mouth, he was ob

viously mistreated and beyond fearful. Once back at our TN vet we lost numerous fur babies, as they were too far gone to be saved. It was a heart wrenching night leaving us all in tears.
Melvin was underweight but luckily healthy, however he suffered major behavioral issues. With a lot of hard work from his doctor and foster (and the new nickname Snapper) we thought we finally found the perfect adopter. I was fortunate enough to drive him up North to Boston to meet his potential new family. They were so excited to finally meet our boy.
Sadly though once they arrived home, the dad slipped on ice dropping the leash and off Melvin ran. We had already made it to New York but knew we had to turn back around. Our BFD team spent hours and days in the negative degree winter weather searching for good ole Mellie, finally catching him with a trap.
A few weeks later his new family realized it wasn’t the best match and Melvin returned to Nashville on a reverse transport. That’s when we all knew he was HOME.
Two years ago me and a little brown dog chose one a

nother, and we both saved the others life in so many ways. We have spent the last two years choosing life, creating happy, and fulfilling our passion for adventure. Mellie Bellie, thank you for blessing my life with a love I’ve never experienced before. Thank you for picking me as your mom, friend, partner, adventurer, and cuddle buddy. You are my biggest love story, my heart dog ❤️
Tiffany and Melvin chose “Rescue Me” by Daughtry as their love song. And I have to tell you, I don’t see a song more fitting for this beautiful duo!