Wishlist for Harvey relief work

Many of you have asked what we can use to help with the dogs we are going to get. Here’s our wishlist

1. Tide HE laundry soap
2. Bleach
3. Martingale collars in all sizes.
4. Hospital Bed Pads
5. Medicated dog shampoo
6. Fromm’s Adult Dog Food
7. Canned puppy food
8. Simple Green for cleaning
9. Seresto collars for flea and tick prevention
10. Paper towels
11. Fake grass for puppies to play and potty on (no puppies can touch the ground)
12. Kongs/durabones
13. Gloves

There are a million other things like crates, and poop bags, and so on, but this is the basic what we need.

Shipping address is: BFDR, 196 Jefferson Pk, Lavergne, TN 37086