Jane needs emergency help (GRAPHIC PHOTOS AT THE BOTTOM OF POST)

UPDATE: ┬áJane came through surgery, she is up and around and this is the most amazing piece of vet work I’ve seen in a long time. Props to Dr. Sarratt at Wolfchase Animal Hospital.

All things come in threes, and this is disaster number three. We have a horrific situation here and we need your help to try to save a dog. Jane was hit by a car and drug down the highway. She has a laceration that is 12″ wide down to the muscle and it wraps around to the other side of her body. The black you see is from the road and the tire. The leg wrapped in pink is being amputated as I type. For those who will ask, the leg was degloved and nearly pulverized. I would not recommending googling that word unless you have a strong stomach, although there are graphic pictures at the end of the post.

Jane is a lab Great Pyrenees puppy and she has been like this for at least a few days. The shelter got her yesterday and released her to us this morning to try to save her. She has been in an intense amount of pain, so the goals are 1) relieve and control her pain, 2) amputate the leg which is utterly destroyed under that wrap, 3) debride the wound and control infection, 4) prevent septic shock and 5) eventually grow new skin. This is the tamest picture I have and direct shots are simply not postable as they are graphic in the extreme. This is a tough case and if we fail at any of these elements, we will have to let her go. When we cease doing good, it’s time to stop. Right now, we are hopeful we can provide her with a life if we can get her through the crisis. She is a sweet puppy and deserves a chance.

As of 12:30, the damaged tissue has been debrided and we are pink underneath which is good. The bad news is that she is missing a 12″ wide strip all the way down to the muscles across both shoulders. This is going to require a lot of skin grafting.

If you would like to donate to help us save her, you can do so by clicking here. Say prayers, folks. This one is in the hands of the surgeon and powers beyond human.

For those who want to see the surgical process, the pics are below. Please do not look if you can’t handle medical images because they are disturbing to those who are sensitive to such things.


Jane with leg wrapped and loosely stitched laceration
The leg, completely degloved
Skin scraped down to muscle. The black you see is asphalt and rubber.
The wound loosely stitched together before surgery
The wound stitched before surgery
The laceration with asphalt
All the damage has been debrided.
Jane getting CO2 laser therapy to kill pathogens to prevent infection.
Stitched up
More stitches She has hundreds of them.
Sitting up and groggy with a drain tube sticking out.
Standing up today