And now, a politically correct late night post …Tylo

And in honor of Tylo and in response to the outcry over our Communist remark earlier today, here is your politically correct late night post….

Once upon a time down on an old farm which was an autonomous collective of organic, non-corporate farmers, lived a dog family, and Mother Dog which is a completely respectful honorific with no hidden patronymic, hegemonic meanings, had been nursing her puppies as good mothers are wont to do. She noticed that one puppy was bigger than the rest, but she did not want it to feel in any way inferior or somehow like an outsider with the other puppies as she was raising them in an inclusive and loving parenting way. The puppy known as Tylo was beautiful and wonderful to his mother because she respected and celebrated diversity in puppies, but secretly she was concerned that this puppy might not be one of hers which made her feel like she needed therapy to uncover the root of her dissatisfaction with some aspects of motherhood. Deep down, Mother Dog felt that Tylo was not as attractive as her fluffy Pyrenees puppies although she felt that he should have equal opportunities for all things because equality is the cornerstone of progressive civilizations.

Tylo was short-haired and gangly and he stumbled over his feet which made his fluffy siblings feel sorry for him, although they worked hard to be inclusive and not make him feel like an outsider in his family because it would be totally inappropriate to mock someone who is not exactly like you.

Tylo grew rapidly and he outpaced his siblings in size, but he tried hard to blend in and assimilate and understand the culture, respecting their obvious differences while being true to his own self. As time went on, Tylo became more and more unhappy and therapy to address the root issues of his lack of a sense of being was unavailing. Tylo decided to wander though the world on a Pyrenees walkabout by which he meant no disrespect to aboriginal cultures but rather a celebration to uncover his true self through exploration and meditation.

Tylo walked as far away as he could, and he found himself in a thick bed of grass near some sheep. He thought to himself “If nobody wants me, I’ll hide here forever.” He decided he would keep an eye on the sheep as he felt an odd but definite desire to ensure the safety of the pastoral creatures in a totally non-threatening, non-authoritarian manner. One day while gazing over the sheep, he saw a couple of large, tall white dogs who were amazingly beautiful, but also not at all desirous of making the less aesthetically pleasing dogs feel bad about their genetic losses.

“If only I could look like them, just for a day!” said Tylo, admiringly. That was when Tylo saw himself mirrored in the water. “Goodness! How I’ve changed! I hardly recognize myself!” The pack of Akbash dogs walked over to the field where Tylo was and he quickly realized he was one of them. And he almost burst with happiness.

Then he realized he still needed a home. Pretty much any home would do, but he needed a home without other dogs because in his new-found beauty, he let the supermodel glory go to his head and does not want to dilute his glory or share the attention. He is currently residing in New England, is just over 1 year old, and is a big, beautiful Akbash dog. He is fond of people and great with kids. He does require a home capable of handling a big beautiful dog that happens to be a guardian breed (see this link for a list of what guardian breeds suck at: and he needs a fenced yard and someone who lives without a lot of chaos and people coming in and out. If you can foster or adopt Tylo, please email