And now – your morning cuppa with drunk pregnant kittens

And now – your morning cuppa with drunk pregnant kittens brings you Sophie.
*Fixes the morning restorative – to make me borderline acceptable* Good morning Sophie. Welcome. I have to admit, I knew very little about an Akbash. Turns out you’re descended from a long line of Turkish working livestock guardians. Your people are strong, independent and loyal. There’s a brain between those gorgeous ears. I think we can safely say at the outset that you need a fenced yard.
“You know you’re awful wordy for not being a morning person. Why don’t you sit over there and look pretty *snort* and I’ll bring these good folks up to speed on me. You know, seeing as how I’m me.”
Thanks. Snarky before coffee can put you on the list. You need to stay off the list Sophie.
“Jeez. Just showing folks that I have a mind of my own. I’ll think through what you ask of me and sometimes do what I think is best for you. It’s what my people do. We’ve guarded flocks independent of humans for years from bears and coyotes. A back yard will be cake. Know that sometimes I will sing you the song of my people.”
Okay. What’s that “sing you the song of my people” mean?
“I’m a dog. What do you think it means? I bark. I’m a lover. I won’t go looking for a fight, so whenever I perceive a threat I try to bark it into thinking twice about harming my flock. I’ll lay my life on the line if needed. That’s called loyalty.”
Okay. So what can you tell me about your life up until now?
“Well I once had a family of my own, but they liked to travel and they wanted me to travel with them. They didn’t understand that I was born to watch and I can’t watch my home from the backseat of a minivan headed down the highway. I like to be outside. I love long walks. I love to be outside. I don’t like big trucks and school buses. They are hinky. Have you seen how people pop out of them? I mean, how can I be expected to protect people from something that shi…er vomits them out.”
Nice catch Sophie. So let’s recap. Good with all people, but you’re 90lbs so teacup people are not recommended. Love outside. Not a fan of car rides. Likes other dogs. Unsure of your history with cats. You are 5 years young and looking for a family of your own anywhere Big Fluffy adopts.
“Yes. Now let’s watch you be sneaky.”
Got it. *Finishes cuppa* People, let’s help Sophie find her NEW HOME! Please e-mail Jen at if you’d like more information about Sophie. Please share her on FACEBOOK if you can.