And now your late night post … Meet Whitley

And now your late night post…

Fans, I am still not super chipper but I think 48 hours is enough time to be able to manage a late night post. Let us talk about Whitley. First off, to those who saw the name Whitley and immediately though of A Different World, you are showing your age. Also, this one is a boy and he is in no way shape or form a snob. Lest anyone under 30 be concerned that I am stuck in a different era, I am currently rocking out to Cage the Elephant. Of course, they are playing at the amphitheater down the street so it’s not like I have a choice, but I digress.

This Whitley is a 6+ year old, 40 pound RCA dog mix of indeterminate origin.This sweet boy arrived emaciated and sad and he was a mess. Several months later, he is a different dog. Wherever he came from was not kind to this boy and he will always have a touch of arthritis, but he is happy as a clam and quite agile. Whitley is all about attention and getting as much of it as he can. He is cautious upon introductions to new dogs and he will need either a home where he is the King or that has a dog that is not in his face and doesn’t care who is in charge and who can facilitate slow introductions. I would strongly encourage adopters to have zero cats, because I suspect you would have zero cats after his move in if you did happen to have a cat. This dog is fantastic with people of all sizes and ages and he is a social creature. He would love to have a home where he can go for slow ambles in the neighborhood and hang with the family on the sofa.

This is a really nice dog for the right people. If you think you could be that family, email Spread the word kids.