And now your late night post… Carolina

Tonight’s late night post is brought to you by unicorns, because I can’t believe this puppy is not adopted and if she’s not adoptable, I am totally taking up unicorn rescue and y’all are your own.

New England people, seriously. This is Carolina, a basset mix puppy who is now 12 weeks old. She’s been in foster for two weeks without an adoptive home that actually followed through. This is shocking because although her siblings were totally adorable, she’s the single most adorable puppy in that litter. A sleep-deprived lawyer would not lie to you.

Carolina can’t believe she’s not adopted either. She is demanding a makeover and a new name because she thinks it’s her name that’s the problem as a Duke fan snubbed her. Whatever the reason, she’s adoptable and adorable and unless someone adopts her, we’re changing our name to Big White Unicorn Rescue and we will only rescue homeless unicorns henceforth.

Interested parties who think Carolina is awesome may email Spread the word kids. This dog needs a home.