Stray 400 pound Newfoundland

And now your late night post…

Did you miss us? It was quiet around here this weekend, so let’s put an end to that. Say hello to our latest rescue, who we have yet to name, so feel free to list your suggestions. Troy found her roaming in a field, just eating berries. Poor fluffy girl, in such desperate straits that she’s reduced to eating berries.

Clearly, this poor feral Newfoundland desperately needed rescue, and although her body weight was OK at 400 pounds, her teeth were in terrible condition and she desperately needs a dental and a nail trim. It’s clear that she’s been on her own for a while because she had no idea how to walk on a leash and getting her in the car was difficult. We lured her in with food, but rather than go in the door, she just tore the door off. She clearly is a very strong dog.

She needs a foster home with a 10′ electrified fence and probably no small children. Maybe no children. She has no idea how to behave in the house and just marauds through the kitchen, tearing things open. It’s not precisely what I would call counter-surfing, more like whole-house surfing. The Great Pyrenees in the house just won’t stop barking and growling at her, so she might be best in a home with no livestock guardian breed dogs. She does really enjoy pick-a-nicks and doughnuts, preferably jelly, although we’ve already reminded her that all those berries she ate have done enough damage to her teeth. She is getting lazier by the day and I swear she acts like she could sleep through the winter.

This feral Newf is not young and we guess she’s probably over 20 years old. If you can foster this feral Newfoundland and have ready access to chain mail suits, a secure enclosure that’s completely electrified and aren’t afraid of being mauled, let us know. You can email us at