Australian Shepherd mix

Adult (4-7 years)



Rakhee Peyton

My Story

Here is a small Aussie x girl Posey who is 2 year old and just 32 lbs.

She is a sweet, quiet, friendly girl. She likes her people to talk gently and softly with her. That way she knows humans are not always scary.
She likes friends of her own sex and does not like much attention from her male counterparts. She knows better than to approach cats and just avoids them.
She is a clean girl who keeps her kennel neat! Posey is good on leash and can be your walking companion too!

She is just a sweet baby who has gone through some scary experiences but still loves people!

Would you give her some love and help in restoring her faith in the goodness of life while she loves you back and brings joy to your hearts??

If interested, please fill out an application/ and email!