Border Collie mix

Puppy (3-12 months)



Paige Sokoloff

My Story

Please meet Petunia!

Petunia is a 10 week old border collie mix weighing around 14 pounds. Petunia is a loving, brave, and playful puppy who loves making new friends and getting belly rubs. She is good with other dogs, cats and people, and will always keep you on your toes with her antics! Petunia is an intelligent puppy and is capable of learning tricks quickly and has almost mastered the art sitting, staying, and lying down. She is an ideal companion for someone who is looking for a loyal and fun-loving friend.

Petunia is your normal puppy with typical puppy manners and so her adopter is going to need to be dedicated to working with her and continuing her training! She is full of energy and curiosity, and so she is always ready for an adventure and is excited to learn and explore the world around her. She would be a wonderful addition to any family and would be a great playmate for children. If you are looking for a sweet, affectionate, and playful puppy to join your family, look no further than Petunia! She is sure to bring joy and love into your home.

If you are interested in bring Petunia into your life, please fill out an application/ and email!