Great Pyrenees & Labrador Retriever mix

Young (1-3 years)



Paige Sokoloff

My Story

Hi everyone – Mikey here!

Somehow at 2 years old, I find myself with Big Fluffy Dog Rescue. I’m not really sure how I got here, but they keep telling me that I’m going to find my forever home really soon and that makes me really excited! I’m especially excited about having a human companion that can hike or run or play with me, and then maybe enjoy some cuddles in front of the TV afterward! I love to play with toys and I recently discovered the game that my friends call “chase your tail” and it’s so fun because I start going in multiple circles and sometimes I come really close to catching my tail! I do have a lot of energy so my forever person is going to have to be willing to go on adventures with me, but I’m always down for some netflix and chill when my energy has been expended!

I’m told I’m a Great Pyrenees/Lab mix but honestly I’m 100% adorable and that is all that matters! I am both dog and cat friendly but cats should be dog-savvy due to my energy and I am pretty dog friendly but I do sometimes get jealous if the humans are showing others more attention than me! My ideal home would be one with a fenced yard and an active adopter who will take me on adventures and spoil me in toys and attention! If this sounds like you, please slide into my dms at and fill out the application so we can become best buddies as soon as possible!