Labrador Retriever

Young (1-3 years)



Taylor Schmidt

My Story

Introducing, fun in a small package, Leroy!

Leroy is a 2 year old, 35lb Lab mix who is looking for his forever family. He is ALL sweetness and here is why you need him…

He is housebroken, not destructive, and has good house manners. Leroy loves toys and loves to snuggle even more! He is a champion snuggle bug and your lap will never be empty.

Leroy loves other dogs and would do best with another canine companion who loves to play! Zooming in the yard is one of his favorite things and he thrives when having a play buddy. He is unknown with cats.

His peripheral vision isn’t the best, so his ideal family will be patient with him with things like leash walking where loud noises can be startling! No worries on his vision, though, Leroy can still track a flying tennis ball with the best of them! He requires a physically fenced yard for a fun, safe place for outside time.

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please fill out an application/ and email