Anatolian Shepherd & Great Pyrenees mix

Puppy (3-12 months)



Rakhee Peyton

My Story

Meet Kuba, the pawfect dog for almost any family who will open their hearts and home for him!

He is a very sweet and playful 11 months old boy. So calm and patient! He loves to play and tumble around with his furry friends but does so ever so gently! Loves belly rubs, hugs and kisses but is always ready to show his love and appreciation back in return. He is a pyr mix and yet he is eager to please and quick to listen. He craves love but without demanding it and gives it back in multiples. You give him some love and he will make you his whole world. He will love you, protect you by always being vigilant but without barking unnecessarily.

He is happy playing in the yard with other dogs, or by himself and equally enjoys being by your side while you work. Although he does not need to be crated often, he does great when he is, just waits patiently. He is perfectly content by himself with a bone or a favorite toy when you are busy, but his favorite moments are spent with his family.

If you’re hoping to add this sweet boy to your family please fill out an application/ and email