German Shepherd mix

Puppy (3-12 months)



Jayasree (Jay) Natarajan

My Story

Gunther is a 3-month-old Shepherd mix who came to rescue alongside his siblings and is ready to find his forever home! Gunther promises that one day he will be a steadfast and fiercely loyal companion to his forever family!

This boy is a typical puppy who loves everyone and everything. He plays well with both big and small dogs and he is a genuinely happy guy who loves life and the world at large. He loves toys and requests that his new family has lots of them for him to play with! It’s anyone’s guess how big he will be as an adult, but based on his current size, I would expect him to be a medium-to-large-sized dog as an adult. He can be quite vocal at times, so apartment/condo living is not suggested for this fella! He is still a baby, so puppy rules apply to Gunther. He will need patience, training, and socialization in order to mature into the very best boy as an adult.

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please fill out an application then email