White German Shepherd & Great Pyrenees mix

Adult (4-7 years)



Debbie Bender

My Story

Gloria is here to try to con you out of giving her extra helpings of food and snacks. Don’t let her fool you, though – she is about 40 lbs. overweight and needs to be on special diet food for a while longer.

Gloria is a 5-1/2-year old White Shepherd, Great Pyrenees mix who was kept in the garage by her previous owner and was allowed to eat herself into an unhealthy state. She has already lost almost 20 lbs. but has a bit to go. The good news is, she LOVES to walk and she’s good on a leash, too! She will help you get into (or keep in) shape while she continues her own journey to better health. Gloria is loving and attentive.

Gloria is good with other dogs, cats, and especially little kids. She doesn’t need a crate, but she has some bladder leakage and is currently on Proin. It has helped tremendously, but she will likely need it for life.

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please fill out an application then email