Standard Poodle

Young (1-3 years)



Erin Poteat

My Story

Meet Emerson! He is 40lb 8-month-old poodle, possibly a poodle mix/doodle/goldendoodle, we do not know for sure! Emerson came to the rescue along with his siblings from deplorable conditions. His very best days are ahead of him now and he is ready to find his forever family!

Emerson is an angel! Emerson is a calm and laid back! He is very well behaved for a 8-month old puppy! He loves his people more than anything! He loves getting pet and receiving treats which he takes both very calmly! He loves playing with other dogs, but can take a second to warm up at first! He would be fine with other pets in the home or as the only pet, too. He loves attention from his people and also loves laying around and napping next to you while you work in your office and at night he loves to cuddle. He is learning basic commands, and is fully house-trained when taken every out 4 hours. He walks well on a leash, he does not pull but needs some direction as he likes to walk in a zig zag, as most puppies do. His coat will need to be maintained with regular brushing and grooming. With greetings, he does not jump up on you, he nuzzles his nose into you gently.

He will need an outlet for his puppy energy and to get his daily activity! He loves to get his zoomies on in the yard and play with his favorite toys and family members. He is crate trained and should be crated when not home so he doesn’t get into puppy shenanigans. At night he prefers to cuddle in bed or below on the floor. He is a little scared of stairs right now because his long legs but getting used to them! He rides great in the car, loves chews, food puzzles, and crinkly toys! He is a special boy and his forever home will be super lucky to have him!

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please fill out an application then email