Labrador Retriever mix

Young (1-3 years)



Melanie Gordon

My Story

Meet the very beautiful and fun Elizabeth. She’s a one year old leggy blonde Lab mix who is just a bundle of fun and joy.

Elizabeth is a svelt 60 lbs who is looking for a home of her own. She hasn’t had much of a life up until now, and given her age, we can pretty much predict why she was dumped at a shelter. Family buys adorable wiggly puppy for child. Puppy chews and poops all over the house, which is what puppies do. Said puppy is put on a chain in the yard and is forgotten about. One day said loving caring family decides not to feed said dog any more, and dumps at shelter. Poor Elizabeth. Absolutely none of this is her fault. Now here she is at a year old and is as beautiful as the day is long. She is so very sweet and kind, and just wants to have a friend to play with.

Elizabeth needs a home with another young dog to play with, and a fenced in yard to romp in. She loves to play play play, and then crash and take naps. She is a lover of people, and just wants to please you and be your friend. She’d do well in an active household, and would love to join you on hikes, walks on the beach, jaunts through the woods, and then take naps by the fire with you. We think she’s a bit bouncy for tiny children, and would be best in a home with kids over the age of 10.
Elizabeth is one of those playful dogs who would drive cats absolutely insane by trying to play with them. So folks, unless you have a mountain lion, our pretty blonde girl needs a feline free home. To quote Our Fearless Leader.. If you own a mountain lion, we will not adopt to you.

This pretty gal is working on mastering her leash skills, basic commands, and all things that go along with living in a home. She is currently in Nashville but has purchased a ticket, and is ready to board the big fluffy bus to travel to meet the family of her dreams.

If you always wanted a blonde gal with legs that go on for about 6 weeks, then this is the dog for you! To foster or adopt this amazing girl,please visit our website at, click on foster or adopt and fill out the form found there. Once that’s done, please email [email protected] as she holds the keys to Elizabeth’s future.