Young (1-3 years)



Paige Sokoloff

My Story

Everyone please meet the very handsome Donatello!

Donatello is presumed to be a 1 year old collie mix weighing just over 50 pounds. Usually in rescue we don’t always know the background of our pups, but with Donatello we do and we can assure you that he is excited to start a new and better life! Donatello lived in a home but was never fixed and never vaccinated and worst of all never had any toys! Because he never had toys, he resorted to playing with anything he could get his mouth on like an air hose – he just didn’t know any better. But because of this, the husband was ready to shoot Donatello (literally) unless he found a place to go within the week. Luckily, Donatello found us and it’s only up from here!

Because Donatello never had any guidance or love while growing up, he is going to need an adopter that is patient and willing to help him transition into becoming the goodest boy that we all know he can be! He is making progress on leash training and is completely potty trained! His previous owner said he was good with kids, and he is also good with both dogs and cats with the proper introductions. At just a year old, this boy is still a puppy at heart and is part collie so he is incredibly smart and incredibly energetic so he is going to need an adopter that will not only stimulate him physically but also mentally.

Despite Donatello’s poor start to life, he is ready to find his person and live life’s greatest adventures with his new best friend. If that seems like you, please fill out an application/ and email