Shepherd mix

Young (1-3 years)



Corey Bennett

My Story

Meet Chief! Chief is some sort of a Shepherd mix, maybe with a Lion, which would explain where he got his amazing golden eyes from. He is approximately one year old and weighs about 65 pounds.

What is Chief the Chief of, you might ask. Hugs. He is the Chief Of Hugs. His favorite thing to do is to stand on his hind legs and get a big ‘ol squeeze from his people. He is extremely loving and affectionate. He can be a bit shy at first around new people, but quickly figures out that they are just new friends that will give him attention! He’s even great around kids. He walks nicely on leash and rides perfectly in the car and enjoys going out on adventures and taking trips to the dog park.

Chief is still a big puppy and needs some help with basic obedience and is still working on his house manners. He is 99% housebroken and just needs a few reminders at first. He is crate trained and well behaved when left in a crate overnight or while you are at work. It is best to crate him when you can’t be with him, because he is still in that mischievous stage where he will steal snacks off your countertops, eat your homework, and hide your favorite pair of shoes. However, he is very smart and eager to please, so very trainable!

Chief is great with other dogs and really enjoys their company, He has a good amount of energy, so having another playful dog would really help Chief get the amount of exercise and stimulation he needs to be his best self. He was a perfect gentleman with our kennel cats, so dog-savvy cats should be just fine!

Chief is going to make an amazing family pet for the people willing to help mold him. If you can be patient with his puppy shenanigans he will reward you with hugs and kisses galore!

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