Young (1-3 years)



Paige Sokoloff

My Story

I know the song goes “Buttercup, don’t break my heart…” but with this Buttercup, you never have to worry about any broken hearts when she is around! If she deems you as her person, she’ll never leave your side!

Buttercup is a 1.5 year old labradoodle weighing a little over 50 pounds. Buttercup loves life and everything in it and so she tends to top the energy scale at very high. Because of this Buttercup would benefit from an active family that will take her on grand adventures and would probably love a fenced yard for those little everyday adventures! Buttercup is both dog and cat friendly, however, resident dogs and cats must be okay with her bouncy and in-your-face play style. She also would benefit from a home with sturdy kids as she tends to live life at full steam not caring who may accidentally get in her way which like can you really blame her? Life can sometimes be very exciting especially if there is a squirrel taunting her from the trees or if the amazon delivery guy comes to visit specifically for her – very exciting stuff!

Buttercup requires an adopter that will continue her training and socialization so that she can fully blossom into the best girl we know she can be! With some love and patience, Buttercup will be a great companion to her furever best friend.

If you think Buttercup is the one for you, please fill out an application and email!