Chow Chow & Labrador Retriever mix

Puppy (3-12 months)



Taylor Schmidt

My Story

Meet Bucky, an adorable little black bear looking for his forever family!

He’s an 11 week old Chow Chow/Lab mix who was bottle raised alongside his siblings since he was 1 week old. Bucky & his siblings have grown up in a home with 5 dogs & 3 bunnies, where they have gotten lots of attention & love.

Bucky’s mom is a purebred Chow Chow and Dad is a Lab mix. At 11-weeks Bucky weighs 21lbs. Estimated to be around 55-60lbs full grown (a small bear)!

Bucky is the big boy with a gorgeous blue Chow tongue. He is incredibly sweet & affectionate. Of the 3, he always seems to tire out first. Bucky is also very loving to his people and won’t go outside until he gives his foster mom a hug first.

He loves to be outside and play in the sprinklers. He is gentle with his toys and not destructive at all. He wants to play with the bunnies but not hurt them. He would do fine with a cat as he isn’t prey driven, but would need to be taught boundaries.
Bucky loves to love, which is good since he is basically a live action teddy bear, can’t help but want to hug him!

He is 100% pee pad trained. He is even started to ask to go outside to potty. His ideal home will be dedicated to his continued training and socialization as he grows up!

Please fill out the application here if you’re interested in adopting this puppy. Email his coordinator at with any questions!