Adult (4-7 years)



Melanie Gordon

My Story

Happy Saturday fans. Yup, another smiling fluffy. There seems to be a ton of these right now, which is always a good thing. Meet the very handsome fun and happy Beauregard. He’s a beautiful brindle boxer boy who is full of love and fun.

Beauregard loves to play with other dogs. It’s his favorite thing to do. The only thing he loves more than other dogs is his tennis ball. He will do just about anything if you just toss him the ball. If only all men were that easy…. Beau has been referred to a a big goofball who just wants to have a good time. Oh, and when we say big we mean in personality. Beau is only about 54 lbs…. which is on the smaller side by our standards.

Beauregard is so friendly, he thinks cats are made to chase and play with. Most cats will hate him and we recommend a home with dog savvy felines who have a baby gate to jump over to escape Beau’s antics.

Folks Beauregard is a fabulous dog who is so ready for a home of his own. He is currently in Nashville, and has a ticket to ride the Big Fluffy Bus to anywhere we place dogs. We are heading to Wisconsin next weekend, and the following week we are off to New England!
If you want to adopt this amazing brindle boy, please click on “Adopt” and fill out the required form. Once that’s done, please email [email protected] as she holds the keys to Beauregard’s kingdom.