Labrador Retriever mix

Adult (4-7 years)



Roxy Lytng

My Story

Hi friends. Meet Beau. He’s a 5 year old lab mix who is pretty perfect. Beau has a wonderfully calm personality. Everyone who meets him falls in love.

Beau is a regal and lovely dog who prefers his dog friends to be meticulous and perfect- just like he is. He doesn’t have the time for bouncy puppies. They are beneath him. Other dogs who are named after movie stars fit his lifestyle much better. Beau is a fan of Jeff’s, Robert Redford’s, Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn.. You know the type.

Beau has proven that felines are indeed our friends, and not food and sniffs and wags his tail at Carl.

Beau envisions life on the couch, daily walks, a warm sunny spot to snooze in, and endless reruns of The Fabulous Baker Boys.

Beau is house broken, walks great on a leash, and is an overall super dog. He just wants to be your friend and be loved forever.

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please apply online, at http:, then email [email protected] as she is the keeper of all that is Beau.