Great Pyr/Golden Mix

Adult (4-7 years)


Extra Large

My Story

Meet Allie, a 3 year old golden retriever/Great Pyrenees mix! Allie is a young lady of many virtues.

She is a dream on a leash and can be left loose in the house with her impeccable manners. She is a lithe 80 lbs or so and is smaller than a purebred Great Pyrenees. She is housetrained and, as you can see from her video, she adores children. She really, really adores children. And they, in turn, adore her. Clearly, a refined young lady, she prefers the company of people to creatures of the often impolite and irritating furred variety. That is, she would prefer to be an only child and would much appreciate your indulgence of this request.

We don’t think it is too much to ask for as sweet and unspoiled a girl as she is. She would be grateful to share your home and your hearth.

Allie is epileptic and has to stay on seizure meds. Staying on her schedule keeps her seizure free and quite her happy self. These are inexpensive and nothing to be afraid of and should not prevent you if you feel drawn to her.

And you would be wise, indeed, to feel drawn to the lovely Allie. If you have additional questions,please email [email protected] for more information And fill out the no obligation application linked below.