Know when your dog is in Pain… What you can do to help them!

Have you ever wished your dog could talk? Many of us “dog” people wish they could from time to time. Although they are capable of singing you the song of their people, dogs really can’t express when they are feeling a little under the weather. Many times, like us humans pain sneaks up on us. That dull pain that used to come and go, is now there all the time. Our joints hurt or feel stiff and when we wake up from a nights sleep, we hear snap, cracking and popping.

The difference; us humans can talk and make a call to our doctors to get checked out. Dogs can’t.

That is why it is extremely important we are able to read and be in-tune with our dog’s body language. We work with a wonderful vet in Meriden, CT. Dr. James St. Clair at TopDog Animal Health and Rehabilitation. Dr. J as we call him has a true passion for what he does. He was amazed at how many dog owners didn’t know their dogs were in pain on a regular basis. Dr. J knew he had to do something about it. So he has written a really nice, easy to read book that goes over 12 early signs that your dog may be in pain, and how you can help them before most vets will notice they are in pain.

We believe that every dog owner should read this book, “Dogs Don’t Cry”  that can be found on Amazon Here, available as a Kindle or Paperback book.

To hear Dr. J’s story about why he wrote the book, and a quick summary of what’s inside, Watch our Live FB video with Dr. Jay here!

We here at Big Fluffy Dog Rescue have been utilizing TopDog Health’s supplements for our orthopedic dogs and arthritic dogs, we stand behind these supplements as time and time again we have seen a major reduction in the pain our dogs are in on a daily basis. Whether your dog is currently in pain, or you would like to try to prevent them from having future problems, Top Dog Health can supply you with an affordable supplement to suite your dogs needs.

TopDog Health is always looking for ways to give back, so if you purchase any of their supplements from their website and use the keyword BIG FLUFFY during checkout, they will send 20% of the proceeds to helping rescue dogs in need.

And lastly, if you’ve read the book already please join us this coming Sunday, April 2nd at 4pm est. for another great FB live video where we will answer your questions. If you would like to submit questions beforehand, you can send them over to