Calling all open foster homes in the Northeast…..

Good morning friends. It’s never a good thing when I can’t think of anything funny to say at 6:15 in the morning….. It’s going to be a long day..Then again… Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day, and everything will be a joke so I guess a little downtime is well deserved.

You have all witnessed the horrors that we see on the front lines of rescue on a daily basis. You have opened your hearts and poured out love and support for our canine companions who need it most. For that, we at Big Fluffy are forever thankful.

These 9 dogs are heading to the Northeast this weekend represent 9 reasons we do what we do on a daily basis, and their smiles and wags are a direct result of the power of The Kracken. Our Nashville staff have healed their bodies and repaired their souls, and now we hand them off to you.
We have 2 vans of dogs leaving Tennessee tomorrow morning. One van is heading through KY,OH, WV, PA and the second van is heading thru East TN, VA, MD. Both vans make stops in NJ, NY, CT and we place dogs in any and all parts in between.

If you have room for one on your couch, please reach out to She will help find the right pooch for your couch. As always, links to our adoption and foster applications are in the first two comments of this post. This post is brought to you by the number 9 (OK Old folks like me, name the song where when you spun a record backwards, this played), the phrase Adopt Don’t Shop, and the letters B.F.D.R.