Big Fluffy Spirit Animals

Hey everyone. We are going to be in big trouble so promise not to tell on us. Today we all got together and “borrowed” Jan’s computer. We were surfing the internet and we came across a page called “what’s your spirit animal? We couldn’t help ourselves so we all picked a spirit animal of our very own. We think that being this cool will help us all get adopted…


Ok, back….So we hope these way cool new spirit animals we have all created will help us find our way to our forever homes. We get email ya know (oh dang.. Don’t tell Jan we’ve taken her computer before) and have heard how way cool forever and foster homes are.

So, there’s this coordinator named Kim with an email of who would LOVE to hear from you about adopting one of us. She’s really cool. We hear she loves to drive doggies around in her car and will buy them all Pup Cups. Please send her an email and then click on the Big fluffy website ( for links to foster and adoption application.

We’ve got to go finish watching Lassie Come Home, Where the Red Fern Grows, Beethoven, Lady and the Tramp, Old Yeller, Turner and Hooch AND Air Bud before Jan finds us… And Don’t tell her we downloaded all of these to her Netflix account!