Boxer mix

Puppy (3-12 months)



Mandy Christian

My Story

Scooter is a loveable, 3 month old Boxer mix puppy who loves other dogs, adores children, and who loves to snuggle. If he were a human he would fall into the category of extrovert. He encounters the world with a little bit of hesitation with new things, but once he learns about it, he enjoys it to the fullest. He is full of wonderful puppy energy and seeks to connect others. He is crate trained and is great about going potty outside. Like all puppies his age, he needs to be let out fairly frequently to avoid accidents, but his pee pad is usually dry through the night. He loves to wrestle and play and is so smart. He is already well on his way to learning to sit for a treat and fetch a tennis ball! (Catching it is easy, bringing it back is hard when you are a distractible little guy). You are going to love having Stewart in your home.

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