Great Pyrenees

Adult (4-7 years)



Erin Poteat

My Story

Raymond is a stunningly handsome 6 year old Pyrenees who prefers the life of a couch potato. He enjoys occasional strolls/walks to sniff around but would rather be snuggled up with his blanket in the comforts of your home. Raymond is 80lbs and gaining weight still, as he came from a shelter very underweight. He is uninterested in cats and does well with other dogs that are smaller than him. He prefers to be the biggest boy in the room, as he gets a little worried about dogs bigger than him. He is happy hanging out with dogs smaller than him and even prefers the little dogs for company! He is a Great Pyrenees, so a tall fenced yard or strictly leash walking is required, as we all know Pyrenees love to roam. Pyrenees are not first time dog owners, and someone who is familiar with the breed and their needs is always important to have for these beautiful/cuddley but independent dogs.

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