Great Pyrenees

Adult (4-7 years)


Extra Large

Jennifer Luethy

My Story

This happy boy is Picard, a 5 year old, 115 pound Great Pyrenees mix. He is the kind of dog that stops traffic, but he has quirks potential Picard owners would need to know.

Picard is a Great Pyrenees. For those who have never had a Great Pyrenees, these dogs were bred to think for themselves. It is a lot like being married – they heard what you said and then they do what they want. They bark, they shed and they have to have to be securely contained because they are untrustworthy off leash and never will be. Picard is actually a super talented fence climbing genius. He can climb an 8ft privacy if left to his own devices however, he will not attempt to go adventure when there are people around to entertain him. Picard is the rare Great Pyrenees that really has to be leash walked or with him, as you cannot leave him for a second in the back yard or he will hunt up something to do.

Picard is best as an only dog. Other dogs always want to size him up and he suffers from big dog syndrome where everyone smaller than him wants to try to top him. This has made him a little bossy where other dogs are concerned as he just assumes everyone wants to try to beat him up. It’s only paranoia when it isn’t true. Picard really isn’t great with cats and needs to be in a cat-free home.

Picard loves people and he is friendly and outgoing. He is also stubborn and watchful and he would probably be best in a home with kids teenage years and up. There isn’t a teenager alive who could sneak out past Picard without his knowledge. Younger kids may be managed by a 120 pound dog and he likes to control the comings and goings which is hard to do with young kids and their rowdy friends. He has excellent indoor manners and he walks like a champ on the leash and rides very well in the car. He has the sleepy appearance of a sloth most of the time but he is capable of shocking bursts of speed, so be prepared.

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please apply online, at then email [email protected]