Pit Bull Terrier

Senior (8-11+ years)



Melanie Gordon

My Story

This is obviously not a big, fluffy dog, and she is, in fact, a knee high pudgeball with short hair. Peach came to us along with her son Paddington because we intervened in something that made us grind our teeth and swear in six languages. The short version is she and her son were removed from and then returned to a county dump by a rescue. This did not strike us as OK so we stepped in and that is all I will say about that. ?
Peach is a 10 year old, 55 pound dog, and she had a number of challenges on arrival health wise. She is much better now and is a happy, social girl with a huge smile. Life has not been overly kind to her and it is pretty obvious she has had many many litters of puppies. Despite everything, this dog is the sweetest, kindest dog ever.?

Peach is great with people and has never met a stranger. She is generally good with other dogs but for reasons that follow, I would like her to be an only dog. She is not good with cats. She has excellent house manners, rides like a champ in the car and has world class napping skills on soft dog beds. This is a lounging, lazy lady of leisure who has taken to inside life like a boss.

That said, dogs who end up at dumps scavenging for survival develop coping skills that don’t always make them successful multi-dog household members. Peach does very well with pretty much every dog she has met, but she has residual issues where she will scrap with another dog if she feels threatened. Normal dog behavior can scare her setting off her defense reactions, even when she’s known the dog for some time. For that reason, I think it is best she be the single light of someone’s life.

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