American Staffordshire Terrier

Young (1-3 years)



Kim Tompkins

My Story

This is Martin, a one year old, 54 pound blue pit bull terrier. Martin is a nerd. This dog is super happy, very bouncy and he needs a home that wants a dog who wants to go for a run. He has energy to burn and he needs a home that can do that, whether it’s a 2 mile run or chucking a ball for him to chase for 20 minutes. Without adequate energy burned, Martin gets excited and then he gets mouthy and people do not enjoy being treated like a live squeaky toy. Martin can get along with other dogs, but his energy level is high and a lot of dogs will not appreciate that. Given the variables in the world, I think it is best that he be in an only dog home but know that with work and careful introductions with a dog with boundless energy and no snark, Martin is fine. I would not put this dog in a home with cats under any circumstances. Small woodland creatures, either, so if you run a sanctuary for harmless fluffy bunnies, this is not your dog.

Martin is incredibly sweet and very affectionate. He adores everyone and does not know a stranger. He is very well mannered in the home and he knows commands. He waits patiently to be fed and gives you mournful looks while you are filling his bowl. He loves his toys and he loves to snuggle on the couch. I think a home with kids over 12 (bounce factor weighs in on the age of kids he is appropriate for) and a securely fenced wooden fence are best.

If you are interested in adopting this dog, please fill out an application and then email [email protected]